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Josie Oliveira is an international speaker and university professor in the United States. She works as a personal and professional coach with behavioral training. She is a partner and the conceptualizer of JJ Coaching & Consulting, a company based in Orlando, Florida, which is focused on training and empowering professionals in their personal and professional lives. She also created the Discovering You program and the 3 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True Method. She has dedicated almost two decades to human development alongside individuals and groups, as well as with training. She holds a master’s degree in the area of coaching and a master’s and doctorate degrees in the clinical area and two bachelor’s degrees in counseling and theology.

She has an extensive resume consisting of several coaching studies such as Master Strategic Intervention and Unleash the Power with Tony Robbins, SOAR HDT Advanced Certification Training, and Certified in Family Intervention, Certified in Verbal Expression, Certified in Management of People, and Certified in Professional Coaching. She has overcome a great deal in her life. From an early age, she had to learn to overcome her own fears, rebuild her self-esteem and self-confidence, and shatter limiting beliefs which developed along her life’s journey. It was on this journey that she discovered one of her greatest passions was to help people. Over the years, she has achieved great results and extraordinary achievements in her personal and professional life.


I am a SOAR practitioner certificated


Develop high performance work, providing extraordinary and lasting changes in the empowerment and transformation of lives and organizations.


Helping people with self-awareness and personal development, working on empowering, recognizing and mastering their limitations, eliminating emotional fractures and raising their personal and professional skills to enjoy an abundant life.

Principles & Values

Honesty, responsibility, commitment, respect, excellence, action, integrity, continuous improvement, love, discretion, innovation, among others.

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